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First Quarter Moon in Virgo // Mercury Direct, Saturn Rx

“May this stillness stay, and quiet the noise in my head, so I may hear the voice in my heart - Clarity”. Mercury’s retrograde comes to an end today, June 3rd. Since May 10th we’ve been replacing, retracing, reworking & recovering within the themes of Gemini and Taurus. Now we’re ready for some reprieve. With the Sun in Gemini, a Mutable Air sign that’s coincidentally Ruled by Mercury, we are amped up to share information & express ourselves. After a wild few weeks of mixed signals & miscommunications, you may feel overwhelmed, overworked, or confused. With Mercury stationing Direct in the dutiful & determined sign of Taurus, everything will start to make more sense. Examine what occurred in the last 3 weeks. What did you learn about yourself, what mistakes were most prevalent? Through reflection we gain more confidence & greater self awareness. To strengthen our rerouting, we’re met by Saturn in Aquarius stationing Retrograde the day after Mercury’s Rx ends. Saturn, the Planet of limitations, hard work, & commitment will offer us an opportunity to restructure any foundational aspects of your life (career, finances, relationships, habits, ect). Saturn is the Cosmic Boss, and aims to teach us lessons that will ultimately lead to strong foundations, boundaries, & commitments that serve our lives best. Until October 22nd, we’re creating & improving healthy boundaries. Locate Aquarius in your Birth Chart to better understand where Saturn is telling you to tighten up. Next week leads us into the First Quarter Moon in Virgo on June 7th. The First Quarter phase is ripe for activity and impulsive action. As we just had the New Moon in Gemini, the next step is to embrace accountability and responsibility, put the past behind us, and take the initial action necessary to achieve your goals. The energy next week seeks to clear away any obstacles so the Intentions set during the New Moon have a secure foundation to develop & grow on. Virgo, an analytical Earth sign, asks for Purification, and looks at areas of work, service, & contribution. Mean what you Say and Say what you Mean: a dream & self - discipline will be your greatest tools yet.

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