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Final Week in the Virgo Sun

The Art of Allowing asks us, “What can I do right now to assist in the transformation and creation of my intentions?”. This weekend Venus in Virgo squares Mars in Gemini, bringing us through a transit that can cause some conflict. Usually Mars is related with arguing & fights, so when it is in a difficult aspect with Venus, it can affect our love life and the communication with our partners or those in relation to our love or finances. Making compromises under this transit can also be more difficult than usual. We can feel emotional & unbalanced, and reactive. Additionally, Venus and Mars are planets that can bring incredible passion, and the transit is often related to intense, sometimes out of control, emotional experiences. That being said, if you have been doing something that you don’t like, now is a good time to refuse that behavior and direct your intentions more meaningfully. This weekend is a great time to reflect on how you feel about the things you are currently doing in life - because something is making you feel unhappy, within this transit you may find the strength to stop doing it, put down boundaries, and make change. On Thursday, September 22nd, the Sun curtly exits Virgo and diplomatically enters Libra, coinciding with the Fall Equinox. Libra is one of the Cardinal signs, one that initiates change. The Fall Equinox is a day of balance and harmony as the hours of lightness and darkness are equal. On a similar theme, Libra season brings peace, compromise, and harmony as we try to defuse situations with grace and charm over the next four weeks. Let the last week of Virgo SZN point out all the frayed edges, the cracks in the plans, and the areas of life needing mend. Libra Season soon will deliver.

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