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February’s Astrology

“Where you are is not who you are.” - Circumstances. We encountered a powerful New Moon in Aquarius on 2.1.22, as well as the beginning of the Lunar New Year. Venus (the Planet of Love & Ideals) & Mercury (the Planet of Communication) both currently in Capricorn, are now direct. That makes ALL planets Direct until April 29th, when Pluto will station Rx. We’ve now entered a precarious period of outward focus, forward momentum & overall less disruption. February’s energy is paired up with Mars, the Planet of Action & War. Mars and Venus move side by side almost the entirely of the month, invigorating us all with a compassionate and trailblazing energy. Pluto, the Planet of Death & Resurrection, also plays apart of this month, next week it begins stepping in to keep us steadfast and enlightened. Pluto will be reminding us that what has been exposed cannot be unseen, and we must overcome any personal resistance and apply authentic action towards our goals, mindset and overall well-being. It’s never too late to get started or make changes, and February gives us the opportunity to better align with our Values as we’re stepping into an energy of clarity. We have a Capricorn Stellium present this month as well, reiterating that anything insulting our integrity must be cleaned up or go. We’ve revised and reviewed and now we’re taking back control, with as much mindfulness and awareness as we can muster.

🖼 by @artxman

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