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Christmas Eve 2021 / Saturn Square Uranus

The 21st marked the beginning of Winter and it’s Solstice, as the Sun simultaneously entered Capricorn. Solstice is significant as the shortest day & longest night of the year; each day going forward we gain a little more daylight. This is the perfect symbolism for Capricorn SZN, as Stern Capricorn reminds us that even in the darkest of times, we can keep working towards our goals. We spend the next 4 weeks caught up in Venus’ Rx in Capricorn as well, putting us in a strict cosmic realignment. Friday, we take on the last of Saturn’s Square to Uranus. Squares push us to implement change to get out of any discomfort. The Saturn - Uranus Square reflects strong friction between our desire to move towards the Future and our desire to stay safe in the Past. The Square is playing out in the context of a deep restructuring of social systems, friendship & relationship dynamics. On Saturday the 25th, Venus & Pluto will also form a conjunction for the 3rd and final time in the sign of Capricorn. This is an intense weekend, physically, emotionally & romantically. Our relationships could change dramatically. We have to ask yourselves, are we willing to stay true to ourselves even when that means being considered an outsider? Are we strong enough to be our own authority, even when others don’t approve? Do we feel firm in our choices, even when they clash with what the mainstream expects from us? These questions will come up very strongly over the Holiday and many of us are likely to be tested: if you are, keep in mind that you are not alone. On the 29th, Jupiter (the planet of luck & expansion) enters into visionary Pisces until May 10th. When I think of this transit I think of 3 Blessed possibilities: more compassion, more catharsis of the unwanted, & more cash. The last two years have been put on hold in many ways for us all. Jupiter in Pisces will flood the collective with vulnerability, empathy and the gift of Processing the events behind us. We are being asked to let go of an illusory sense of security and have Faith in the Unknown: the creativity resulting from the need to adapt to unfavorable conditions has the potential to bring substantial progress & new paths.

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