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Capricorn New Moon

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.” - J. P. Morgan. 2022’s first New Moon on January 2nd ushers in potent energy that wants to set goals that are tangible, achievable & stabilizing, and also give you the boost you need to actually accomplish your resolutions. Capricorn is all about structure, discipline, responsibility, resourcefulness & steely ambition. Capricorn’s Ruling planet, Saturn, oversees all of the aspects of life where we need to evolve, mature & foster security. New Moons in Capricorn deliver a message to drive us in the most practical ways possible; setting intentions that are grounded in reality & can be achieved with step-by-step plans. They motivate us to take initiative and vow to work harder than we ever have to transform our dreams into something concrete. The saying goes, if you want different results, you need to change what you’re doing. You won’t achieve what you want with your current plan of action, and now is the time to get creative. Assisting perfectly in this New Moon is Uranus - the game changer, curveball, blind spot of the planets - and it’s beautifully angled to support the New Moon. This energy will give you a solid push to shine in your uniqueness. The energy around this New Moon will be more electric & spontaneous than it would otherwise be. With this New Moon, ask yourself in what ways will you be better off if you stick to the status quo versus breaking free? Whichever direction feels right to move in, this serves as your signal to launch. New Moons also represent the first page of a new chapter that will reach a culmination point when there's a corresponding Full Moon in the same sign, (regarding this specific Lunation it’ll be July 13, 2022 on the Super Capricorn Full Moon). Write down what you've been reflecting on around this New Moon, and then circle back in July to note how far you've come. Don’t lose sight of your long-term vision; January highlights an opportunity to strengthen your perseverance, adaptability & ability to innovate. This transit will reward your continued efforts of working towards your wildest dreams.

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