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Capricorn Full Moon 2023

"Sometimes the greatest miracle is being able to face exactly where you’re at and say: This is where I am, no running, no hiding, There’s gold for me here, and I intend to find it, no matter what.” - Megan Margery. A Capricorn Full Moon approaches over the weekend, landing on July 3rd at 6:39am, CST. Capricorn is an Earth sign, belonging to the Cardinal quadruplicity, making it action oriented and incredibly reliable and practical. Capricorn leads the charge into winter with its incredible leadership skills. Capricorn’s sister sign is Cancer, a Cardinal Water sign who brings us the comfort of summer. Cancer’s focus is stability within our emotions, meaning the need to control and protect the needs of themself and their loved ones. Earth and Water signs are both feminine in their qualities, making them powerful with their abilities to attract the things they desire in life. With this Full Moon, we’re being made aware of the needs of our Heads AND our Hearts. This Full Moon is delivering both clues and tools to show us what we need and how to get it. Full Moons deliver realizations, and this one wants to uncover and inspire us. This Full Moon is giving us an invitation to step up, take responsibility, and to create; to overcome obstacles, face challenges, and turn things around so we can place ourselves closer to where we want to be. Focus on the great opportunity that’s ahead when we embrace discipline, commitment, and respecting ourselves above all else. Endowing Jupiter is well placed during this full moon, which is a sigh of relief within the days leading up to July 3rd, as hazy aspects seek to place us in a state of uncertainty. There have been approximately 390,117 full moons since the record of time began; find the silver lining of this one and take advantage of it.

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