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Cancer Season 2022

Cancer is the Mother, the Home, the Roots, the Womb; Cancer is the furthest back wall of the deepest cave at the bottom of the Ocean; the Moment of Conception, the Essence of Beginning. Cancer Season began at 5:15am on June 21st, 2022, also the day of Summer Solstice — the longest span of daylight of the year. Cancer is a Water Sign, 4th in order and Ruled by the Moon, giving them the nickname of the “Moonchild”. Cancer is best represented by Emeralds, Rubys, Pearls & Moonstones. Cancer is known for being deeply sensitive, however having a highly developed emotional defense system. Cancer can be deep / mysterious, typically someone who’s outer appearance excels in hiding the depth of inner feelings. They may not like revealing too much about themselves, and may be more indirect in the way they communicate. Being a Water element, there is a fluid-like nature to their sensitivity. Cancer may not always be able to readily able to take on hard truths or people being rude / crude or blunt with them; their hidden & inward sensitivity is prone to moodiness as they absorb the interactions around them, (most Cancers react by withdrawing or retreating). Cancer has a very conservative and home-oriented nature. They’re very strong-willed and like to get everything done in their own way. Cancer is one of the most devoted to family & fulfilling traditional roles emotionally (if not actually). Cancer placements are deeply caring and dependable and their sentimental element can run deep. They have the ability to nurse and nurture themselves when others hurt them - but they also have the ability to take incredible care of others. Rather than using logic or reason, they feel their way through complicated problems and pay attention to how others are feeling. They are so concerned with stability, their main focus is to always cultivate a comfortable & supportive environment. Until 7.22.22, these themes are more prominent in our day - to - lives. Find the House that holds Cancer in your Birth Chart to better understand how this Cancer SZN will affect you.

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