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Cancer Full Moon + Mars Direct

“Your next step will become clear the moment you bravely begin to walk towards what your heart is calling you to do”. The first full moon of 2023 arrives on January 6th in the Zodiac of Cancer. Cancer is the Mother, the deep cave where the spark of life begins. As we sit in the midst of Capricorn season with Mercury backpedaling through our communication around structures and boundaries, the Cancer Full Moon calls our attention to any tension between family life and careers, and outward goals. Full moons represent emotional release, reflection and pause, as well as time to heal. Secrets are revealed, our intuition is heightened, and clarity comes into play when the moon’s illumination exposes all things hidden. Cancer is nostalgic, and highlights a need to be reflective of the past: where our values came from, the path we’re creating in in life, and if that path reflects what is in our heart. The overarching message is that hard work can’t construct the ideal outcome if the emotional foundation isn’t stable. The progress you’re making towards aligning your life with your emotions is already underway with the arrival of Moon, but it will be much more clear later in January when the three currently retrograde planets (Mercury, Mars, and Uranus) station direct (Jan 12, 18, 22). On January 12th, Mar’s retrograde in Gemini finally ends. For the last two months, it may have been difficult to find clarity around making decisions, or to have the willpower, strength, or energy to focus on your goals. Now, as Mars picks up speed over the next two months, we’ll find it easier to take action. Allow this full moon to set down weight that’s not yours to carry, so you can move forward more freely.

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