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Aquarius New Moon Feb 2022

“When you get that feeling to go for it, don’t hesitate. The worst thing that could happen is that you run out of time to do what your heart begged you to do.” - The Better Man Project. Quite possibly it’s felt that 2022 hasn’t begun yet, or maybe it’s gone by so fast you can’t believe we’re here. Truthfully, 2022 hasn’t begun, but next week it will. On Tuesday, February 2nd, we’ll have the New Moon in Aquarius, coinciding with the Lunar New Year on February 1st. Aquarius is an Air Sign, who’s able to create distance from its feelings and its own interpretations of them. This New Moon in Aquarius gives us an opportunity to take a step outside of ourselves and look at our lives in a big picture way, reassessing our inner emotions in a cool, calm & collected manner. (Find Aquarius in your Natal Chart for a much better understanding of what that specifically means for you). This New Moon has incredible originality, stamina, stability & emotional sobriety accompanying it. Venus stations Direct on January 29th, Mercury stations Direct on Feb 4th, and the New Moon triggers Uranus in Taurus (Uranus being Aquarius’ Ruling Planet) and the North Node of Fate, which just shifted into Taurus. We have evaluated what has the most meaning to us, we are working out the kinks in our communication, and we are approaching a new path filled with unexpected events. We have been put through a series of obstacles in the past two months, delays could have shown up in all areas of life in order to expose us to a deeper level of wants & needs and highlight what’s important to us and why. This Aquarius New Moon builds the structure that will hold the rest of the year to come; it’s a very powerful time to zero in on our goals, as well as not being afraid of taking a chance or do something differently. Aquarius asks you to merge your Vision with Foundation; a Creative approach to Stability knows no limits and this New Moon reminds us that if we can dream it, we can also do it. We watch a tete-de-tete with Pluto & Mercury in the first two weeks of February, but we are being reminded that authentic action brings surprising results; overcome inner resistance, it will be worth it.

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