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What does it mean to speak your Truth, and say with your chest? What are you passionate, committed & knowledgeable enough on to defend to your core? How much pride can you take in the way you live your life; the ideals and morals that Guide you? How can you make peace and restructure if your answers fall short?That’s what this Full Moon in Aquarius wants to know. Luna sits in Capricorn for the day on Friday, and reaches her maximum as she enters Aquarius at 7:12pm on Friday night. The Leo Sun now sits Opposite stern Saturn in Aquarius for the next 4 weeks; highlighting the need to get serious about your Joy. Take no shortcuts during this Display of Heart unless you want to be seen that way; the Sun is at Full Spotlight Power in Leo and there’s no hiding from the consequences of how we present ourselves. Leo & Aquarius are the signs of original creativity, as well as polar opposites who find each other instinctively compelling. Leo vs Aquarius is called the “axis of ego”; both have the power of personality & strong sense of unique character. Leo is the Selfie, & Aquarius the Aware Self. This Full Moon showdown of opposites is accompanied by Chiron in Aries’ Rx, who’s blasting messages of confronting & healing our individuality. Leo can inspire Aquarius to claim their Avenue in the spotlight, and Aquarius can show Leo that there are times when you have to disappoint others and hold fast to a higher truth. This Leo Season is all about FINDING OUT & SHOWING UP. Venus in Virgo zeros in on the details and heightens our awareness of the specifics we need to have in order to succeed; this enhances acts of service and casts a critical eye collectively. Mercury (thoughts & communication) enters Leo on the 27th and then Mars (action & physical expression) enters Virgo on the 29th. Show gratitude for what you have and release what’s not serving you. Like the Leo, determine to Rise, and like the Aquarius, do it with your own individual source of passion. Find Leo & Aquarius in your Natal Chart to see where this Call for Individuality will show up for you most.

🖼 by @hheininge

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